AKA fans throw beer on stage

Rapper AKA left mid-show over the weekend after he felt his life was in danger as fans started throwing full cans of beers on stage. The rapper took to Twitter to express his disappointment.

“Unfortunately someone spoiled the show for everyone in Potch tonight. I never understood this throwing of beer cans as a way of excitement or affection but tonight … tonight I nearly got hurt,” AKA tweeted.

The Fela In Versace rapper said he was aware that people got carried away and that the Dezemba vibe was doing the most. However, he was not about to be a target for haters.

AKA went on to apologise to people who were looking forward to seeing him do his thing on stage and said that he was also hacked that he couldn’t finish his set.

While most of the megacy understood his decision to leave, many were hurt and told the Mega that his departure ruined their night.

Sources: News24