Nomuzi’s stunt leaves fans in mixed emotions

Johannesburg – South Africans were left in in shock on Friday morning when a video of rapper Nomuzi Mabena – professionally known as Moozlie – went viral. 

In the short video the star talks about her plans for her record label for 2019, while driving, when the sound of tyres screeching can be heard and viewers get a glimpse of a cracked windscreen before the video cuts out.

The Juice reached out to Nomuzi’s PR team to confirm whether or not the rapper had been injured, but they refused to comment at the time, saying that a statement would be released concerning the matter. 

Another member of Nomuzi’s PR team, Kim Seneke, told The Juice they have been unsuccessful in attempts to reach the star, saying: “At this stage we’re still trying to find out information.” Seneke added that she had not heard from Nomuzi’s family either.

The presenter’s Wikipedia page was briefly updated to say that she died on Thursday, 10 January, it has since been removed. It is worth noting that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page and the aforementioned update contained grammatical errors. 

Sources: News24